Norwich parkrun

Sarah and I were in Norwich visiting family last week. Every time we’ve visited we have thought about going to parkrun but haven’t been able to fit it in. This time we were determined to go.

I plotted a route from our hotel to Eaton Park where the parkrun takes place. It was a two mile run there. I had the first part of the route memorised but had to check my ‘phone to get us all the way there. Which took us a slightly different way to that I had plotted.

It was raining when we left the hotel which meant that we were already wet once we got to the park. We waited undercover for the start which was a short walk from the large circular stone structure that dominates the park.

Sarah and I parted ways prior to lining up. Sarah making her way to the middle of the pack and I went a bit nearer the front. The start, like many park runs, was a very quick.

The course is three and a bit laps, anti-clockwise in a rectangle. It is flat but on this day had a lot of standing water. The puddles were deep in places particularly on the corners. Some runners took off the corners but once you’re wet, you’re wet. So we both ran through the puddles rather than dodging them.

Our usual parkrun at Bryn Bach is two and a half laps, doing an extra lap did make it feel as though it was further. The wet weather may have also played a part in that.

Bryn Bach typically attracts about 120 runners on average, Norwich had 421 runners on this day, they usually get over 100 more. Thankfully the course path is wide enough to accommodate the number of runners.

We both enjoyed the course and will hopefully go back there or another local parkrun at Colney Lane or Catton the next time we visit.

Our run to the park was two miles but our run back was three. This was due to my sometimes poor sense of direction! I checked the route back as I was sure we had got there by a slightly different route. We went out of the park a different way and turned right. About half a mile later I realised we were following the edge of the park when we needed to be running away from it. A quick check of the map confirmed it!

At least we got eight miles run that morning.


Gary – 22:20 (83 / 421)

Sarah – 34:05 (380 / 421)

5 thoughts on “Norwich parkrun

  1. well done to you both, cant believe how quickly the Windermere weekender has crept upon us?
    Out last night for the three ( point) miles for Matt, then onto run a further 30k in the vain hope I’ll survive our marathon.
    Looking forward to meeting you Gary, think we remember sarah.
    Take care till then guys.


    1. It has certainly come around quickly. I was reading race reviews this morning which may have been a bad idea! Seems like the worst of the hills come at miles 7 and 21 with lots of climbs in between but with the bonus of an ice-cream truck at the top of mile 22!


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