Brecon 10

I do have a post in process about Race to the Stones Ultra Marathon but that’s taking time to write and I’d rather not hold back any posts, as it has been over two months since I last posted.

The Brecon Lions 10 Mile Road Race is an annual event held in August. I don’t know how long it has been going but I do know that the route has changed a few times over the years. The route used to go through the centre of the town but these days it sticks to the back roads and takes in a loop of Llanfrynach situated five miles from the start.

I ran the race last year with Laurie as we were both in training for Chester Marathon. We happily plodded around and finished around ninety minutes.

Sarah was running this year. Her first Brecon 10 and the longest run for some time, one she has been building towards since the beginning of the year.

This years race took place on Sunday 5th August. The race starts and finishes on the local running track. For the first time the race was chip timed. The route included not quite two laps of the track at the beginning before heading out onto the roads on the out and back course before a 300m section of track to finish.

Coming off Windermere Marathon and Race to the Stones, I’m not in the best shape. The injury I had prior to Windermere has all but gone but I haven’t really run at my pace for any decent length of time.

The race was my first in the blue vest of Brecon AC following my transfer from the green vest of Parc Bryn Bach RC.

The weather on the day was very warm, well into the 20s by the 10:30am start time. I’d agreed to run the track section with Sarah before heading off at my pace. I was feeling fine and I had a rough plan in mind. The out section of the course is mostly downhill but coming back is a lot tougher.

I caught up with people I knew, said hello, and then pushed on. I got to about three miles and was feeling the pace, the downhills were great but the legs were turning over quicker than they have been recently. We hit the uphill prior to Llanfrynach and I was done. I had been keeping pace with Salome but I lost ground and found myself getting really hot. My pace slowed down and I made the decision to stop at the water station at Llanfrynach.

I propped myself against the wall, took on water and waited for my body to cool down a bit. I knew Sarah would be along eventually and decided that I would wait and run the second half with her.

Sarah ran passed the water station, with me calling to her, she waved, looked confused and kept on running! I caught up with her and explained what had happened.

We were keeping pace with Jo from Pontypridd Roadents AC who told us about all the crazy distance races she has been doing. Chatting back and forth made a few miles disappear relatively easily. Sarah was also being affected by the heat and we parted ways with Jo as we approached the hill into Groesffordd.

We took it steadily up the hill and continued our way to the finish. At times we weren’t sure if we were last. Sarah hadn’t seen any other runners behind her for sometime and I didn’t know if there was a tail walker. Later we were told that there was a car at the back.

As we ran down Maggie’s Lane I caught sight of some runners behind us and motivated Sarah by telling her she didn’t want to get overtaken with less than a mile to go!

To her credit Sarah ran the last mile without stopping and we hit the track knowing the finish was literally just around the corner. Cheered on by friends, Sarah and I crossed the line in 2 hours 10 minutes.

A tough route that was tougher than last year given the heat. Next year we have plans to run the Norwich 10k, having run it previously in 2016. Perhaps we will both be back in 2020 to have another crack at this race.

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