Track Training

I recently transferred from Parc Bryn Bach RC to Brecon AC as I was unable to get to training sessions.

Last Thursday evening was my first track training session with the club. I have run intervals at the track with friends but this was coached training and a little different for me.

We started with warm up drills which I haven’t done before, I usually just run. The drills will certainly take some practice and I did feel a little foolish not being able to master each drill.

The session began with a mile benchmark test. Having been on marathon mode for a while, speed hasn’t really been at the forefront of my training. I ran Merthyr parkrun recently and was two minutes off my personal best even at near full output. Being injured also hasn’t helped.

Anyway, four laps of the track for a mile and I completed in 6:43 according to Strava. I’ve run a slightly quicker mile during a parkrun but that was with a slight downward trend to the mile! I’m happy with the time, I feel I can go quicker and that’s what the track training sessions are going to help.

After a three minute rest, up next were 4 x 800s. The pace for the repeats were supposed to be slightly quicker than the mile benchmark but my fitness meant that I was marginally slower. Coming in around 6:55 per mile pace.

Whilst my fitter teammates completed the four repeats, I managed three! I was even convinced that I had taken one of the repeats short by only running one lap. I had to check the Strava fly-bys when I got home to prove to myself that I did two laps each time.

The few times I’ve run on the track I’ve lost count of how many laps I’ve done. Yes, even when running two laps. That evening there were sprinters on the track, some doing hammer training and even young people doing football training on the other fields. All enough to take my focus away from running and remembering laps. I took to tucking my thumb under my fingers until I had completed the first lap. More focus required. With the 400s done, we finished off with 40m strides.

That night I slept all the way to the alarm which is very unusual for me. I have been tired since though so I need to be aware of that as I have two half marathons coming up and the cross country season will begin soon, although hopefully I’ll be fitter by then!

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