And Stretch…

Yesterday I ran Llanelli Half Marathon. It was my 15th Half and my 5th quickest. I finished in 1:55:38.

Llanelli was my first Half in March 2014. I ran it last year too. This year the route has changed a bit. It’s a fast course, the winner comes in around 64 minutes.

My running in 2019 has been hampered by a persistent hamstring and/or glute niggle that won’t go away. Comparing year on year I’m about 45 fewer miles this year. Not great preparation. The DOMS I’m experiencing today are proof of that.

I’ve been reading lots of advice as to what I can do to try and strengthen my glutes but I’m yet to take any real action.

I have five weeks before my next race (San Dom 10 miler) and six weeks before my next Half at Merthyr.

Plenty of time to get my butt (arf!) into gear and make headway in solving the problem.

The niggle reared it’s head at Mile 3 yesterday and continued until I crossed the finish line; with intermittent calf and Achilles tightness thrown in for good measure.

I’ve never been one for stretching but that’s what I need to do now. Whilst my right leg is the one in discomfort, my left leg is even tighter.

Now that we are kicking into 2019, I need to sort myself out. I’ve booked lots of races this year including two Ultra Marathons and it would be awful not to be able to make the start line.

So I’ll give the DOMS a day or two to settle down and then get to it!

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