March 2019

Miles run – 108

Days run – 18 out of 31

Two races this month at San Domenico and Merthyr Half.

All prep for the Great Welsh Half in April.

I achieved a 10 mile personal best at San Dom (1:18:57 v 1:28:31). The previous best was at Brecon 10 which is hilly, San Dom is predominately flat so I was always hopeful of a good time.

I’d run Merthyr Half twice before in 2015 and again in 2017 with Kevin. This year the route was back to the 2015 route. That year I had a tough day and finished only my fourth Half in 2:05:48.

This year I had a great time running the route. It’s undulating and I did struggle a bit but came home in 1:51:07. It was my 16th Half since I started in 2014.

The week after Merthyr I ran at Bryn Bach parkrun. I hadn’t run at pace for sometime, being more focused on endurance. My time was 23:07 which I was very happy with.

I’d planned a 15 mile run the following day but had to abandon it and finished with 5.6 miles. It was due to a tight right calf and hydration issues.

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